How can we use architecture to enable and support welfare and well-being in a time of rapid societal and financial changes?

The Scandinavian countries share a number of values referred to as the Scandinavian welfare model. According to this model, welfare is about equal access to learning, knowledge, health and housing, and about a strong civil society.

Architecture can support this model and meet the growing global need for healthcare buildings and welfare solutions – in many ways and on many levels: With pleasant institutions and spaces for communal life. With buildings that facilitate learning. With housing design that reflects the needs of the walking-impaired, the elderly, or the young families. With dynamic lighting that helps depressed people sleep better.

And thus, the architect needs to be both a designer and a welfare developer. It is a challenge and a business opportunity. Please see examples below on how this has been addressed by Danish architecture and city making.




Projects that all relate to the theme welfare