How do we enable an ever-growing number of people to live together in a limited space and with limited resources?

In 2050 it is estimated that 70% of the world’s population will live in cities, and 9.6 billion people will share the earth’s resources. People, resources and values move from the countryside to the always-expanding urban centres.

Urbanization has implications for the city and its surroundings, for relocated and vacated areas. It might not be an unmixed blessing. But it is an unrivalled opportunity to transform the urban landscape – and the suburbs and villages too. And it is an opportunity to transform it in a way that makes life less crowded and more versatile for everybody. It is not at all an easy task. And it cannot be done without working with a sustainable framework and without applying smart technologies.

Please see examples below on how urbanization has been addressed by Danish architecture and city making.




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