How do we address the growing need for urban transformation? And how do we do so without disregarding cities’ identities, existing structures and peoples’ dreams and needs?

An industrial harbour turned into a new residential area. A warehouse reconstructed to make offices. An old airport reopened as a park. Old that is modified or gives away to new – or that is transformed into something entirely different.

But the challenge of transformation is more than just deciding what should be preserved, what should be altered and what should be completely regenerated. It is also about paying attention to the structures, the people and the policies surrounding the transformation. It is to make sure that the transformed space fits into the city around it and meets the needs of the people using it. And it is about optimizing and regenerating in a way that sustains life, work and growth – now and in the future.

The city is not a tabula rasa. Transforming it implies a number of complex considerations. Please see examples below on how this has been addressed by Danish architecture and city making.




Projects that all relate to the theme transformation