How do we ensure people’s access to key institutions, to cultural hubs, to all corners of the urban landscape – and to each other?

Smart infrastructure. Walkable and bikeable neighbourhoods. Transportation, technological solutions, visionary city planning. It is all part of ensuring mobility.

Mobility is about connectivity and cohesion in the broadest sense, from metro lines to the virtual connections crisscrossing everything: For instance when grandparents follow their grandchildren on social media, or when public authorities reach citizens through the Internet.

Working with mobility – explicitly or as a part of other projects – requires an understanding of how to benefit from this virtual connectivity and from technological solutions in general. And it requires, to an increasing extent, a sustainable approach, as well as actively minimizing ecological impact and ensuring longevity of the projects.

Mobility is much more than just getting form A to B. How we work with it affects the individual, the city and the environment. Please see examples below on how it has been addressed by Danish architecture and city making.




Projects that all relate to the theme mobility