Wad Landscape Architects

Wad Landscape Architects


Wad Landscape Architects A/S is a versatile landscape architectural firm with expertise in a wide range of topics: land management and planning, church and community centers, old people’s home and care centers, playgrounds for schools and daycare, urban design, sports facilities, parks and private gardens.

Wad Landscape Architects A/S vision is to create long-lasting projects of high quality. After thorough analysis, a solution will be based on the specific task at hand and it´s unique/individual surroundings.

Our solutions are the result of holistic thinking combined with a landscape architectural perception, influenced by nature’s diversity and organically structured designs.

Through dialogue with the users, along with inspiration from the Scandinavian nature and culture, we create beautiful installations meant to inspire people and support their way of living.

Wad Landscape Architects A/S uses nature as its essential and fundamental starting point.

Buildings and facilities are adapted to the existing landscape and environment in a sustainable and environmentalfriendly manner. The endeavour is to achieve long service life in addition to low maintenance costs.

Wad Landscape Architects A/S creates accessibility. We strive to create room for everyone without having to compromise with the design. We do so bearing in mind the regulatory requirements.

Wad Landscape Architects A/S believe, that cooperation and shared responsibility is the best way to achieve an optimal solution and getting happy customers.

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