Press Room

Press Room

In our press room you will find relevant material for collaborators, press and other media. 



Download our logo in the following formats, each file package contains colors in RGB, CMYK and Pantone:
PNGAIEPSJPGFull package.



Theme photos. A series of photos taken to support our visual identity, and to support our themes, welfare, sustainability, mobility and transformation.

Create with AarhUS. Exhibition opening in Aarhus in 2016. The exhibition took place at Dokk1 where the cultural minister of Denmark, Berthel Haarder, Director of Aarhus 2017, Rebecca Matthews and Mayor Jakob Bundsgaard where key speakers.

Create with AarhUS.  Exhibition opening in Hamburg, 2015, with participation of the Danish Crown prince couple. The exhibition took place at Hafencity University at the newly developed harbor area.

Create with AarhUS. Another Exhibition by in Hamburg, 2015. The exhibition was a part of the annual Schulbau messe, where key stakeholders met during B2B events and networking.

Networking event. The architect as a promoter for welfare in 2015. A event made to give perspective on the role of architects. The event was at Beta Beta and was a part of our range of events to promote better network and knowledge sharing in the region.

Pressvisit 2015. In Aarhus

Rising Architecture Week Pre-event. Kickoff to our Architecture festival 2015

All photos are property of The Architecture Project, use with annotation and permission.