RISING in Aarhus

RISING in Aarhus

The RISING pre-event in Aarhus boasted guided walks, a LEGO workshop, a party and more.


We are co-hosting a new Danish architecture week, RISING, which will take place every other year, switching between Copenhagen and Aarhus. This year, the pre-event took place on August 29th in Aarhus and featured guided city walks, talks, a LEGO workshop and not least a party.

The Danish Minister for Culture, Mr Bertel Haarder, opened the ball with his speech at the RISING pre-event opening ceremony. He reminisced about his days as a student in Denmark’s second city, “back when it looked like the DDR” and reminded everyone of the importance of architecture.

“As Churchill said, we shape the buildings, and then they shape us,” he said.

Free activities all over the city
All activities throughout the day were free, and the public was invited to join the celebration of great, fun and innovative architecture.

Among the various events were a tour of the new library Dokk1 by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, city walks focusing on sustainability, an exhibition, tours to forgotten and upcoming parts of Aarhus, a talk on temporary architecture by the landscape architects from Schønherr… and much more. It all ended with a LEGO architecture and drinks.

In the words of The Architecture Project’s Signe Marie Davidsen, who was in charge of the pre-event programme and execution:

“The pre-event was fantastic, because it involved the people of Aarhus in urban development on many levels.”

See pictures from the pre-event on flickr.