Rethink Skjern

Rethink Skjern

Conversation salon


What does the future hold in store for towns like Skjern? 

Shopping areas outside the town centre and e-commerce that is rendering physical shops superfluous are draining the town centre of life.

Meanwhile, new residents are moving to the town and need a community to become part of. That is why we need to rethink the shops and what it will take to generate life in the town centre.

Skjern is much more than handball, Green Corridor and a pretty river delta. But what unites the town, and how can architecture and community help generate a vibrant urban space, in which citizens, shops and tourism flourish and inspire each other?

We would like to invite you to explore and amplify this and much more in a discussion salon.



A discussion salon is a professional ‘bottle party’ with discussions that surprise and change us, creating new, interprofessional business opportunities – for enthusiasts, urban developers, researchers, business people and architects. We will ask the questions. You will lead the discussion.

The evening’s themes are Urban Space and Community, so the topics for discussion will include the likes of: What creates community? How can we rethink the purpose of buildings? How do architecture and towns relate to each other?

You do not need any preparation or prior knowledge in order to take part. All you need is a desire to meet new people and to share your professionalism, points of view and ideas with them. We will make sure you find someone to talk to.

Where and when

Tuesday 8 November 2016 from 6.00 to 9.00 pm in the former butcher’s at 48, Nygade, Skjern.











Foto: Arkitektfirmaet Bo Christensen ApS