Future Living rethinks the urban centres of the Central Denmark Region in close collaboration with municipalities, architects and the people of the region.

With Future Living we create and experiment with cities and examine the urban spaces of the future. We demonstrate how architecture can address major societal challenges with conversation salons and experiments, prototypes and projects across the Central Denmark Region. We also present a Future Living travelling exhibition in 2017 to showcase and discuss the project results. The exhibition includes temporary installations, prototypes, mobile skateboard ramps and more.

In 2017, six cities will host conversation salons, which are three-hour professional lucky dips of discussion that will surprise and move us – and create new collaborations between enthusiasts, developers, researchers, architects and other professions. The salons focus on local challenges, including the development potential of the city and the surrounding area. It may be about ensuring the sustainable growth of the city, the transformation of urban areas and buildings, or perhaps development with a focus on the circular economy, culture or welfare.


The Exhibition is in collaboration with More Creative and Aarhus 2017.